Snapy Pairs

A simple pair matching game. Turn the cards with the mouse or touch and find the pair of each card as soon as you can. You have 5 minutes to complete the game at 3 different difficulty levels


  • 20 different symbols
  • automatic progression up to 20 cards
  • randomly generated cards.
  • 3 difficulty levels to choose from
  • save best time for each difficulty level
  • toggle sound and music on and off and save it so it remember next time
  • touch and mouse support

NOTE: The template is free to download and try but you must donate ANY AMOUNT you think it worth if you would like to use it. We hope you would consider donation anyway if you find the template useful. Images, Music, Sound and Font is included with the source code only for demonstration purposes. Please read our Terms and Conditions before downloading or using the source code.

Have fun!

Dowload template here :

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