Shyminon Terra

Important Note :The game is being updated so you could find some errors during the game

Hi , Shyminon Terra Game is Alive !!

Shyminon Terra is the official video game of Chiegames.

The treasure of the ancient giants has been stolen and taken to the world of terra, help Shyminon to find them all, but beware you must overcome the evil guardians who guard the lost treasures.

This is an early access of what will be a game with more than 50 levels, updates will be added every month, new worlds, abilities, enemies and treasures among other improvements (including graphic improvements).

Click here to play it 


Do not like to play in the browser? , then download the windows executable, linux image lapp or the .zip of macos. All in one package.

This native version of the game will have all the 10 worlds available soon, the browser version only will have 5.


Embed This Game In your website ! (Just copy the code ignore the quotes at the ends.)

” <iframe src=”” width=”800″ height=”600″ frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen=”allowfullscreen”>  ”

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Please contribute by donating the amount you want, to continue with the development of this game.

Contributes to the development of Shyminon terra and get the resources of the game



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