The micro aquarium that fits into your pocket

Have you ever dreamed of having an aquarium that you can take with you everywhere you go, but that pesky tank just didn’t want to fit into your pocket? Than I have good news for you, this game is exactly what you were looking for!

Sakawochi is a real time aquarium simulation. What that means is that the game goes on even if you close the App. Take care of your fish and feed it at least once per day to make them happy and grow.

The bigger your fish the more it is worth. Sell your little darlings when they grew up to earn coins which you can spend on other types of fish or decorations for your aquarium.

In development

Now that Sakawochi has reached a state where it is completely playable and doesn’t contain any game breaking bugs, I decided to go public and get some feedback and suggestions from the community. So just download the game, play it a couple of days and tell me what you think about it. Maybe you have got a cool idea for a feature that I can add. 🙂

(The OSX version is currently untested since I sadly don’t own a MAC)

mouse control online

Find this game on ich io :

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